5G In India: Airtel claims – 5G will start in the country within a month

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5G Spectrum Auction

5G In India: Bharti Airtel is about to start 5G service in the country this month. Along with this, Airtel has claimed to cover 5G service across the country by March 2024. Announcing this on Monday, Airtel CEO Gopal Vittal said that we are looking to launch 5G in August and want to roll it out across the country very soon after that. He said that the price of telecom service in the country is very low and it needs to be increased. Apart from this, Minister of State for Telecom Devusinh Chouhan has also expressed hope of starting 5G service in a month.

5G SIM 1Partnership with this companies For 5G In India

Let us tell you that last week also, it was claimed by Airtel to start 5G service in August. The company said that it has also partnered with Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung for 5G service in India. Vittal said during Airtel’s earnings call on Monday that we are planning for 5G rollout for about 5000 cities in India. This will be the biggest rollout in our history till date.

5g mobile sim5G in India will start next month – Minister of State for Telecom

Apart from this, Minister of State for Telecom Devusinh Chouhan has also expressed the hope of starting 5G service in large parts of the country in a month. He said that to be ready for high speed internet, 5G service is expected to start in the country by next month.

5G Spectrum auction begins In India, How will 5G change your LifeWhat is Airtel’s share in 5G In India spectrum?

A total of Rs 1,50,173 crore spectrum has been auctioned for 5G in the country, in which Bharti Airtel has bought 19867Mhz spectrum and Vodafone-Idea has bought 6228Mhz spectrum. Whereas Reliance Jio alone has bought spectrum worth 88,078 crores i.e. Jio is in possession of more than 50 percent of the spectrum.

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