Bring home 7 Seater Renault Triber with just 3 Lakh Budget your Family, Buy Now

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Renault Triber : In the recent years, the demand for cars in the MPV segment in India’s car sector has seen a huge increase. Because of which the car makers have started launching their new cars in this segment in the market. This segment mainly consists of cars of companies like Mahindra, Maruti, Tata, Hyundai and Renault. Among the 7 seater cars in this segment, today we will talk about Renault Triber, which is the only MPV of its company and is well-liked by the people for its strong mileage, stylish design and features along with its price.

Bring home 7 Seater Renault Triber with just 3 Lakh Budget your Family

What is Price range of Renault Triber?

If you buy this 7 seater Triber from the direct showroom, then you will have to spend from 6 lakh to 9 lakh rupees for this. But if you do not have that much budget and you want to buy this car, then let us tell you the details of the offers available on this MPV, so that you can buy this car at less than half the price.

The first offer is given to you on the CARWALE website. Here the 2019 model of Renault Triber has been listed for sale and the price of this car has been fixed at Rs.4 lakh. Please note that no finance plan is being given to you on buying a car from this website.

At the same time, the second offer has been given to you on OLX’s website. The 2019 model of this Renault Triber is posted here. And its price has been fixed at Rs.3.3 lakh. By buying this MPV from here, you will not get any finance plan or loan.

Third offer is available on DROOM website. Here is the 2021 model of the Renault Kwid listed for sale. And its price is listed at Rs 4.4 lakh. You can also get the facility of finance plan by buying this car from here.

Renault Triber Car Engine Engine & Mileage of Renault Triber

In the Renault Triber, you have been given a 999 cc 1 litter naturally aspirated petrol engine. And this engine is capable of generating the power of 72 PS and peak torque of 96 Nm. Along with this engine, a 5-speed manual transmission has also been given.
Regarding the mileage of the car, the company claims that this car gives a mileage of 20Km/Litre and this mileage has been certified by ARAI.

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