A meeting of NDA leaders will be held on July 10 before the Presidential Election

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New Delhi: A meeting of NDA leaders will be held in the national capital on Sunday evening, sources said.
The meeting will take place ahead of the rainy session of Parliament and the July 18 presidential election.
The meeting will discuss in detail the strategy of the NDA leaders, sources told ANI.
At the meeting, all the MPs from both the houses of the NDA will explain the process of participating in the elections and the whole process will also be shown to the members through mock drills, the sources said.

Sources said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend the meeting.

Presidential election
Presidential election

Dinner will be held after the meeting of NDA MPs.
NDA candidate for the presidency Draupadi Murmu filed his nomination papers on June 24.
Murmu is the first major tribal woman to run for the presidency in the history of India. Once elected, she will be the first tribal president of India and the second woman president.

She is the first major presidential candidate in Odisha and will be the first in the state of Odisha once elected.
Apart from his allies, NDA candidate Murmu also has the support of YSR, Congress, BJD and Akali Dal.