Aadhar linking to Voter ID Card : How to link your Voter ID card to Aadhar card! Know More

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Aadhar linking to Voter ID Card: Aadhar Card is one of the most important documents for Indian citizens. The Election Commission of India (EC) has started a campaign from August 1 to link voter ID with Aadhaar card in several states. The task of linking voter ID card with Aadhaar card is the verification of identity and entries in the electoral roll and registration of the name of the same person in more than one constituency in the same constituency or more than once in the same constituency to be identified

Aadhaar and voter ID card

How to Aadhar linking to Voter ID Card:

However, the government has clarified that sharing of Aadhaar details will be voluntary, and voters will have to give sufficient reasons for not linking Aadhaar with their voter ID. According to a report, former Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra had said that linking the Unique Identification Number with the voter ID card would be optional and the voters should have sufficient reason for not adding it.

Aadhar linking to Voter ID Card

Those who want to link their Aadhaar number with Voter ID can fill up the new Form 6B. The voter’s Aadhaar number can be submitted both online and offline.

Voter ID Card to Aadhar linking

Every person whose name appears in the electoral record can submit Form 6B along with his/her Aadhaar number to the Voter’s Registration Officer.

Know the How to Aadhar linking to Voter ID Card as follows

Voter ID card Aadhaar Linking Process : Steps Wise

  • Go to the official website of the Election Commission, the Voter portal eci.gov.in
  • Login to the portal using your Mobile Number, Email ID, Voter ID Number
  • Enter your state, district and other personal details like name, date of birth and father’s name
  • Click on the Search Button
  • Your details will appear on the screen
  • Click on the option ‘Feed Aadhaar Number’ on the left side of the screen
  • A pop-up page will appear
  • Now fill the name on Aadhaar Card, Aadhaar Number, Voter ID Number, Registered Mobile Number and/or Registered Email Address.

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