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Apple Event: iPhone 14 Launch, you can see these 5 changes, Watch an Event Now

Apple iPhone 14 Launch Event: After a year, today again that moment has come when the eyes of the whole world are on Apple’s event. Apple’s event will start tonight at 10.30 hrs IST, which will be broadcast live from Apple’s YouTube channel to the company’s website. In addition to the launch of the iPhone, Apple Watch Series 8, Watch Pro will also be introduced. The Apple AirPods Pro 2 will also be launched at this event. In today’s event, the iPhone 14 series is going to be launched, under which four new iPhones will be launched, which include iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 14 will launch with New Designs

Apple iPhone 14 Launch Event to be on 7th September 2022 India

Apple first launched the iPhone X in 2017 with a notch. After that, there have been changes in the last five years regarding the notch but nothing special. Now new notch can be found with iPhone 14. It is being said that iPhone 14 will get the smallest notch ever. The iPhone 14 Pro model will get two cutouts, one with a tablet and the other with a punchhole cutout. The notch will house a privacy indicator for the camera and microphone.

iPhone 14 launch best Camera

iPhone 14

The camera on the iPhone 13 is already great. It performs well in low light to daylight, but with the iPhone 14, a bigger optical lens is to be expected. In some reports, it is being claimed that the primary camera of 48 megapixels will be available in the iPhone 14 series. With the iPhone 14, the dual rear camera will be available like the iPhone 13.

iPhone 14 launch Battery Performance

During the launch of the iPhone 13, Apple spoke openly about battery life for the first time and said that after a one-time charging, the iPhone 13’s battery will last for a whole day. With the iPhone 14, big changes can be seen in the battery case. It is said that the new iPhone will get a bigger battery than before.

iPhone 14 launch with Fast Charging

At this time, the market of Android phones has gone ahead in terms of fast charging. 120W fast charging has become common with Android phones, but iPhones still lag far behind in this matter. With the new iPhone, fast charging can be expected this time.

iPhone 14 launch Type-C port

There has been an uproar regarding USB Type-C for a long time. The EU has also ordered Type-C chargers for all types of devices. The Indian government is also considering this issue. In such a situation, it is expected from Apple that it will launch the iPhone 14 series with a USB Type-C port looking in the future. If it really happens, then for the first time the Type-C port will be available with the iPhone. At present, all iPhones come with Lightning port.

You can see Launch event by online visit – Apple Events


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