Apple India has high iPhone sales – CEO Tim Cook, Results of 3rd quarter

Apple India: Apple has released its India’s third quarter 2022 results. According to the results, the company’s revenue in this quarter has been 83 billion dollars, which shows an increase of two percent year-on-year. In the new year, Apple has sold the most iPhones. About the sale of iPhone, CEO Tim Cook has said that the record-breaking sales of iPhone in some countries like India have led to a great increase in revenue.

Know the Apple India Sales

Apple India has high iPhone CEO Tim Cook

iPhone’s contribution to total revenue is 50 percent

The contribution of iPhone in Apple’s total revenue has been 50 percent. The other 50 percent includes the iPad, MacBook and iMac. Apple’s revenue from the iPhone has been $40.6 billion, up from $39.5 billion last year. Sales of iPads, Air Pods and Watch have also been strong.

iPhone 13 2

Apple India: Revenue is almost Double

Announcing the revenue, Cook said that revenue for the June quarter was record in developed and emerging markets, with double-digit growth in Brazil, Indonesia and Vietnam. Revenue is on the verge of almost doubling in India. Cook said that the iPhones performed well in Indonesia, Vietnam and India. In these markets, apart from iPhone, the sales of iPad have also been good.

Apple iphone13 scaled

What CFO Luca Maestri said ?

Besides Tim Cook, CFO Luca Maestri also thanked the Indian market for the revenue. He said that Apple’s services have set records in many countries around the world, including the US, Mexico, Brazil, Korea and India. He specifically said that companies like Wipro are investing rapidly in Apple products.

Earlier this year, the tech giant confirmed that it has begun manufacturing its best-selling iPhone 13 smartphone in India.

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