Benling Believe Electric Scooter with 120Km Range Launched, Check Now

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Benling Believe Electric Scooter

Benling Believe Electric Scooter: The electric two-wheeler segment is growing at a very fast pace in the two-wheeler sector of India. The main reason for which is the low price of these electric scooters as well as long range at low cost. And now in the range of e-scooters present in the market, another new e-scooter has entered the market, which has been launched by the electric two-wheeler manufacturer Benling India in the market. This e-scooter is named Benling Believe by Benling India.

Benling Believe Electric Scooter launched in India
Benling Believe

Company Promise for Electric Scooter

The company has prepared this new electric scooter by giving the latest updates in terms of safety, battery design, color scheme and features. Let us inform that in the first phase, the company has prepared only 3 thousand units of this scooter, after which in its second phase, the company will prepare 9 thousand units of this scooter by November 2022.

Now if we talk about the price of this new e-scooter, the company has launched this electric scooter in the market with a price of Rs 97,520 (ex-showroom, Delhi). And this starting price of this scooter will be its on road price as well.

Benling Believe Electric Scooter More Details 

With the aim of targeting Benling Believe ColorsYouth, the company has launched this e-scooter in the market with six color schemes in which the first color is Magic Grey, the second color is Purple, the third is Blue, the fourth is Yellow, The fifth color is white and the sixth black color. In the Benling Believe Battery and PowerBenling Believe scooters, the company has fitted a lithium-ion battery pack with a 3.2 kW capacity electric motor that is based on BLDC technology.

Benling Believe Electric Scooter Check Price and Range
Benling Believe

And regarding the charging of its battery, the company claims that after charging it with a normal charger, this battery gets fully charged in just 4 hours. Let us tell you that this is a swipeable battery pack, along with which the company has also given the option of micro charger and along with it the auto cut off feature has also been added.

Benling Believe

With regard to the range and speed of the Benling Believe Scooter, the company claims that this electric scooter gives a range of up to 120 km once fully charged. And a top speed of 75Km/Hour is also available with this range.

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