Bring Home New Honda Activa 6G at Best Deal, know the Offer details

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Bring Home New Honda Activa 6G at Best Deal

Honda Activa 6G: In today’s time, Honda company has become a big brand. The vehicles of this company are well-liked by the people. Talking about the Honda Activa of this company, this scooty has made a lot of recognition in the recent times. It has become the first choice of people and remains in great demand among people. If you are planning to buy Honda Activa, then you can buy this two-wheeler at a low price of just 8 thousand. So let’s know about the mileage and price of Activa 6G scooter which is available online with easy finance plans.

Talking about the Honda Activa 6G scooter, these two-wheelers are in great demand among the people. It is liked by all from children to old people. Frankly speaking, it is quite comfortable for people. Everybody can drive it. The Honda Activa is economical to drive. And is able to give excellent mileage. The maintenance cost of its Honda Activa is also less. In this Activa, a strong engine is also available with a dazzling look. That’s why it is more preferred in the market.

New Honda Activa 6G Model

Honda Activa 6G Price:

Honda Activa 6G The price of this model in the market is Rs 71,432 which goes down to Rs 83,211 on-road starting price.

How much is the down payment for Honda Activa 6G?

As per the online down payment and EMI calculator (EMI), Rs 75,211 loan is given by the bank to you to buy the Honda Activa 6G. After getting a loan through the bank, you can buy this scooter on a down payment of Rs.8,000. After this the company will have to pay EMI of Rs 2,416 every month. At the same time, the bank will give a time period of 3 years to pay the loan. During this period, the bank will also charge interest at the rate of 9.7 percent.

New Honda Activa 6G

Features of the Honda Activa 6G

In Honda Activa 6G, the company has given the engine of 109.5 cc. This engine produces 7.79 PS power and 8.79 Nm torque. The company claims that the Honda Activa 6G is capable of delivering a mileage of 60 km. On the other hand, the disc brake system has been given in Honda Activa 6G.

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