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Common Charger in India : Now a Single Charger for all Devices, Government will take a decision soon

Common Charger in India : One device-one charger discussion has been going on for many days in European countries. In India, nobody seems to be complaining about device-charger or common charger yet, but now there are reports that the Indian government is thinking about common charger. According to the report, a meeting has been organized on August 17 in which officials from the technology sector and consumer affairs ministry will participate. In this meeting, the subject of common charger will be discussed.

Common Charger Now a Single Charger for all Devices Indian Government will take a decision soonAll the mobile manufacturing companies are also going to participate in this meeting. At present, there are many types of chargers in India which are meant for different devices. The most popular Type-C charger is followed by Micro USB and then Apple’s Lightning charger.

Recently, the European Union has announced the adoption of the USB Type-C port as a common charger, which will start from 2024 which means that in 2024, all devices sold in European countries will support only the Type-C port. A similar announcement has been made in the United States.

Common Charger Now In India New Rule

According to a PTI report, a government official said that when all companies can offer the same type of charger in America and Europe, why not in India. He said that if there is no pressure from the Indian government regarding the common charger, all the chargers from America and Europe will be brought to the Indian market.

Common Charger Type C

In present scenario, for every new device (smartphone, laptop, other gadgets) user has to buy a new type of charger. If the government decides to adopt common charger, it will be convenient for people and multiple devices can be charged from one charger. Most of the complaints about the charger are from iPhone and Android users.

Common Charger Now In India

According to one report, half of all chargers sold in the US in 2018 were USB Micro B chargers, while 29 percent were Type-C chargers and 21 percent were Lightning chargers, meaning 21 percent of devices were Apple, since only Apple uses the Lightning port.


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