Easyfone Marvel Plus Review: Specially made for Grandparents, This Phone has an Emergency SOS Button

If you want a phone that will keep you connected with your friends and family, or want to give your grandparents a phone that’s easy to operate, Easyfone Marvel Plus is a great choice.

Mobile phones have brought about the biggest revolution in the last few years. Coming with a black-and-white screen with a keypad and VGA camera, the device now comes with powerful features like a 200 MP camera, 120 W fast charging and AMOLED-pole display. Technology has advanced a lot, but the biggest thing is that we have become dependent on these smartphones for most of our tasks. But many times it happens that we need peace of mind and for that it becomes necessary to stay away from the smartphone. Apart from this, feature phones are a great option for grandparents who want to operate a smartphone. Whether you want a phone that keeps you connected to your friends and family, or want to give your grandparents an easy-to-operate phone, the Easyfone Marvel Plus is a great choice.

A company called SeniorWorld is making this phone especially for grandparents. Let’s find out what’s so special about Easyfone Marvel+.

Easyfone Marvel Plus: What’s Special?

This smartphone has an additional SOS button for emergency situations which is located on the back panel of the phone. Apart from this, a whitelist feature has been provided in the phone to make it easier for the user to contact the selected number.

Easyfone Marvel
Easyfone Marvel

The Easyfone Marvel Plus comes with a cradle charger, which makes charging the phone convenient. The cradle charger has a micro-USB port, through which the cable can be connected and plugged in. Apart from English, this feature phone supports multiple regional languages such as Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada. Another feature of the EasyFone Marvel Plus is the large buttons and fonts, which make it very convenient for the elderly to use the phone.

Easyfone Marvel Plus Design, Specifications

Talking about the design of Easyfone Marvel Plus, its back panel is detachable. The battery can be removed as well. Talking about looks, it looks like a Nokia feature phone. At first sight of the phone, you will be reminded of a feature phone from Nokia. Because this phone neither has a touch screen nor comes with Android OS. This phone has IPS screen which is big. That is, it will be easier for grandparents to use this phone as the font will also look clean and large on the bigger screen.

Easyfone Marvel
Easyfone Marvel

This feature phone has a large numeric keypad for the convenience of senior citizens, with capital letters clearly visible on it. At the bottom of this phone you will find a charging port and a 3.5 mm audio jack. Talking about the back panel, we can remove it easily. You will find the battery under the back panel. After removing the battery, two SIM ports and a microSD card port are visible. Both the SIM card slots provided in the phone use old size SIM cards.

At the top of the back of the phone you will find a flashlight. There is an SOS button on the top of the back panel, which you can set to 5 primary numbers. Pressing this button dials calls in addition to sending SMS to 5 emergency contacts.

Easyfone Marvel Plus Review

Easyfone Marvel Plus Performance

An 800 mAh battery is provided to power the Marvel+ phone. We used the phone and noticed that the battery drains very quickly and you have to charge it again and again to get through the day. It would have been a plus point for the phone and the users if the company had provided a larger capacity battery in the phone. The flashlight provided in the phone is very bright and will come in handy in the dark or in an emergency.

Easyfone Marvel Plus allows users to set reminders for medicine, doctor’s appointments or any other social event. Apart from this unwanted numbers can be directly blocked.

Along with the OS provided in the phone, you get a music player, expandable storage card up to 32 GB, Bluetooth connectivity and a camera. Don’t expect anything from the camera, as it is very basic and only in name.

Easyfone Marvel Plus : What is Special?


Easyfone Marvel Plus can be a secondary backup phone which is priced at Rs 3,375. But it is a great choice for grandparents. Its features include SOS button, reminder feature, and notably larger buttons and fonts.


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