FD Interest Rates: These Banks are Giving the Highest Interest on FD to the customers

FD Interest Rates: Recently the repo rate has been increased by the RBI, after which private and private banks have increased the interest rate on fixed deposits. The Reserve Bank has increased the repo rate by 190 basis points from May till now, let’s know which banks are paying the most interest.

Highest FD Interest Rates by Banks

Highest FD Interest Rates

Let us tell you that many financial banks and financial institutions are offering interest at the rate of more than 7%. In September this year, the inflation rate has increased to 7.4 percent, so the offer of 7 percent or more interest rate is going to be very attractive.

Along with this, Bandhan Bank, City Union Bank and Karur Vysya Bank are offering 7 percent interest rate to customers on deposits of three years. The new interest rate has been announced by most of the banks after the increase in the repo rate by the RBI.

What Peoples from Finance Sectors – Highest FD Interest Rates

Gaurav Agarwal, Senior Director, Paisa Bazaar, says that the increase in interest rate on fixed deposits is for a short time. In such a situation, if you can invest, then this is a good time. Let us tell you that after the increase in the repo rate by the RBI, banks have increased the rate of interest.

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