Fitness Tips for Senior Citizens: Elderly are at High Risk of Covid-19, Do These Exercises to Boost Immunity in Lockdown

Fitness Tips for Senior Citizens: Lower body i.e. lower body fitness affects your overall health. Renowned nutritionist and fitness guru Rujuta Diwekar says a weak body can be the cause of many lifestyle diseases. In her recent Instagram post, Rujuta said that problems like heart disease, diabetes and knee pain are caused by a weak body. This is why doctors and health experts tell patients to lose weight to get rid of problems like back pain, joint pain and high blood sugar. Belly fat, especially around the waist, is directly related to these problems.

Exercise in Old Age
exercise in old age

Rujuta Diwekar gave tips on exercise in old age
Risk factors for weight gain also increase with age. Due to this, the elderly suffer from knee pain, back pain and difficulty in walking. In such a situation, Rujuta Diwekar Fitness Tips gave some tips and told how exercise can benefit the elderly. Rujuta Diwekar talked about some exercises especially for the elderly, which increase the flexibility of the body. In addition, immunity and general fitness are also improved.

important for the elderly
important for the elderly

Why is exercise important for the elderly?
With age, physical activity decreases and the desire to exercise decreases. Lack of stamina, low energy levels and health problems complicate the daily life of the elderly. Includes activities like workouts. In the environment of lockdown, senior citizens have also been imprisoned at home. Therefore, activities like walking in the park in the evening have also reduced. In such a situation, if the elderly do a little exercise, it will help them to maintain their body flexibility.

Some research suggests that exercise boosts the immune system. As children and the elderly are most at risk from the Covid-19 pandemic (because they have low immunity), exercise and workouts can be helpful in protecting the elderly from the risk of coronavirus.

Exercise tips for Senior Citizens
Exercise tips for Senior Citizens

Exercise tips from Rujuta Diwekar
This 3-leg workout strengthens the lower body, increases body flexibility and boosts immunity (ways to boost immunity in old age). Learn how to practice this exercise:

  • Lie on the floor on your back. Then, have a turn. Place your elbows on the ground.
  • Now bend the leg below. After that, bring this leg to your chest. Now straighten your legs.
  • While straightening the legs, a stretch should be felt in the buttocks.
  • Now perform this exercise on the other side.
Leg exercises for Senior Citizens
Leg exercises for Senior Citizens

Leg exercises to get relief from back pain

  • Sleep on the floor on your stomach
  • Now move your hands under your forehead. Then, lift one leg and then bring it to the ground. Do this 3 times alternately with both legs.
  • While practicing this exercise, try to move your hips up too.
Knee bending exercise for Senior Citizens
Knee bending exercise for Senior Citizens

Knee bending exercise

  • Lie on your stomach on the floor. Then bend your left leg.
  • Try holding your left foot with your left hand.
  • Now slowly try to lift your left leg up. You can also take help of band or belt for this.
  • While doing this exercise, try to move the shoulders upwards. Now slowly come to the previous posture and now do this exercise with the help of the right leg.


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