How will the 5G SIM Cards and How will your Mobile Number be converted to 5G? Know information

5G SIM Cards: People bought a 5G phone, but how to get a 5G SIM after the 5G network? And the big question is how to run old number on new 5G SIM card.

The dream of 5G in India will soon be fulfilled. The 5G spectrum auction was held in India on July 26, and several big tech companies including Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea have been approved to roll out 5G services. After the auction of 5G spectrum, there will be a competition among all the companies to roll out the 5G network first.

5G phones have already established their place in the market and people will be able to enjoy superfast 5G internet as soon as the services are launched. Many halves got 5G phones, but how to get 5G SIM after 5G network? And the big question is how to run the old number on the new 5G SIM card. If you are also curious about the 5G SIM card, then know the answers to all the questions related to 5G SIM.

5G SIM Cards in India

What will the 5G SIM Cards be like?

Presently there are three types of SIM cards available in the market namely 2G, 3G and 4G. While feature phones are running 2G SIMs, smartphone users are running both 3G and 4G SIM cards. You will be relieved to know that the 5G SIM will also be the same as the existing 4G SIM and will not undergo any changes. Not only that, but the company you are currently running a 4G SIM with will be able to have a 5G network.

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Which Mobile Phones Will Have 5G SIM Cards?

The biggest question for smartphone users today is whether the 5G service will be available only on a 4G SIM, or will it require a new SIM. So we tell you it depends on operator. Because the technology of SIM is nothing. With a SIM, you are given only one unique ID and the plan is activated on your number according to that ID. More information about this is very interesting information given by Arshdeep Singh Nippi, famous mobile engineer in India. He said that 5G service can be offered on 4G SIM.

If the SIM is ready in the future. It does not require a new SIM. Even if the SIM is not future ready, operators can upgrade it via OTA update.

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How to operate 5G service in phone?

This is a relief for the mobile users who have bought 5G smartphones. If operators want to run 5G in mobile phones, they do not need to purchase a separate 5G SIM. Customers will be able to connect to 5G networks on their 4G SIM only and enjoy superfast 5G internet on it. The good thing is that for 5G network, you don’t have to port your SIM or mobile number to any Jio, Airtel or Vi subscriber.

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Will 4G SIM need to be ported to 5G?

In the above-mentioned point, 4G SIM will only convert to 5G SIM, it does not mean that you will be able to run 5G internet in it simultaneously. If you want the benefit of 5G service on your mobile number, you have to buy 5G plans separately, and you will get 5G service as per the benefits available in that 5G pack. Remember that before buying any 5G plan, make sure that your SIM is also 5G and the phone itself has 5G built in. Along with this, 5G service must be started in your area.

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