Important Facts and Myths related to the Periods of Women

Facts and Myths related to the Periods of Women : Periods are known by the names of menstruation, month, menstruation, menstrual cycle or MC etc. Vaginal bleeding occurs in women due to the changes in hormones in their body. It’s called periods.

Women have periods every month. In this, the egg exits the uterus and leaves the body along with the blood.

Important Facts and Myths related to the Periods of Women

When should the period come?

Girls usually start getting their periods between the ages of 10 to 15 years. The age of the period to come is 9 years. The arrival of periods means that the girl is now capable of having a child. It is very rare that at the age of 9, everyone gets their periods. In fact, there is no right age for periods to come. It lasts till the age of 50-55 only.

What is a sign of having periods?

1) The hair starts coming in the body before the period comes.

2) There is hair in the legs, hands and underarms.

3) Hair also starts coming on the sex organs.

4) A bulge in the chest is created.

These symptoms can be a sign of the beginning of periods.

What can be the reason for stopping periods?

1) Menstruation can be delayed due to stress.

2) Due to intoxicants such as smoking, alcohol, bidi, cigarette etc., periods can stop.

3) Due to poor health, periods get delayed.

How to know that periods are coming?

Acne exfoliation, To be swollen, Pain in the breast, Gain of Weight, Difficulty concentrating, Headaches, Pain in the back, Increased urge to eat, eat more food, Feeling Fatigue, Crying, Irritation, restlessness, Having mood swings, Having depression etc.


Facts and Myths related to the Periods of Women

Missed periods or late

Some girls do not get their period until they are 17 or 18 years old. If this happens, the doctor should be examined. It may be that there is blood collecting somewhere inside his body or it may be that there is some defect in his genitals or hormones. Get it treated soon.

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Rumours About Periods

Rumours About Periods
Painful periods, colic in the abdomen, inflammation of the appendages, uterus, ovaries.

Many things about periods are discussed in many places of India even in this developed era. In many parts of India, periods are considered impure. There are many things popular among people regarding periods. Due to these popular things coming from the time of grandmother, there are some such beliefs in the minds of people which are completely wrong. Such instructions are given to women when they have periods, which have nothing to do with the truth, but women have to face them. Although all these are nothing but orthodox illusions. We should all understand the science behind periods.

Women cannot bathe or wash hair during periods

To maintain hygiene, one should take a bath daily, even if it is on the day of the period. Washing hair does not affect the bleeding of women’s periods. Special care should be taken of cleanliness during periods, otherwise there may be an increased risk of infection or infection.

Using a pad helps reduce bleeding

Using a pad helps reduce bleeding

This is not the case at all, nor is there any evidence that the use of pads reduces the bleeding of women. Using a pad makes women feel comfortable and comfortable during periods. It is more comfortable than the clothes you were using in earlier times. This is the reason why women consider it more appropriate to use pads during their periods.

Excessive periods

Excessive bleeding during periods does not necessarily mean that the girl is strange or abnormal. Sometimes, women have more blood during periods, sometimes less. This is a normal process, it has nothing to do with anything old.

Women are impure in periods

Women are not allowed in the kitchen during periods. consider them impure. However there was no such thing. This feeling should go away. Those who discriminate against women during their periods considering such frivolous things should be made aware of cultural taboos and rigid traditions.

Trees cannot touch plants in periods

Many people rely on the belief that if the shadow of women falls on a tree during periods, it will dry up. However it is not so at all. During periods, women need to take care of themselves the most and their families should also take care of this.

No pregnancy during periods

This isn’t entirely true. During sex, if the sperm remains inside the vagina, then they remain alive for seven days, that is, there is a chance of pregnancy for the next seven days. Therefore, it is important to use condoms even during periods.

Keep in mind these things-

  • Always use only good pads during periods. Choose the pad according to your period. Don’t use pads that have fragrance or perfume. It is better to use cotton pads.
  • If you feel that the flow of blood is getting more, then you use long pads.
  • If the blood flow is less then you can opt for smaller pads.
  • You can also use special pads at night while sleeping.
  • Pads need to be changed every 5 hours.
  • Vagina or vagina should be cleaned once with water at night while sleeping.
  • Sleep with changing pads at night. Do not use the old pad.

Eat these things during your periods-

One should not be careless about eating during periods. This can be harmful to health. Keep in mind these things-

  • Use fruit
  • Eat the nuts
  • Eat fish
  • Eat a wholesome diet
  • Use warm water
  • Eat leafy green vegetables.
  • Eat green tea, nuts and fibber rich things.
  • Consume porridge
  • You can drink tea

Do not eat this in periods

  • Do not drink coffee
  • Avoid eating Redmi
  • Don’t eat sweets
  • Do not consume chips and energy drinks


Whether or not to come at the right time of periods in women depends on the hormonal balance in the body. Due to not having periods at the right time, the risk of many diseases also increases in women.
Women who eat more pasta and rice, they start getting periods one to one and a half years before.
Usually, the most bleeding occurs in the early periods and the least in the latter. When you have your first period, there can be very heavy period cycles and then they can be lighter later.

There are many things related to periods which are not true and we have told the same things in this article. Periods are a very important topic related to women’s health and there should not be any kind of carelessness about it. It is necessary to give the right knowledge related to the periods to the women. We hope that through this article you have come to know about important things related to periods. You can share with us by writing your questions and suggestions in the comment box. Along with this, share this article with more people so that they also come to know about important knowledge related to periods.


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