Iodine Is Beneficial For The Body, Remove Its Deficiency With These 5 Foods

Iodine-rich diet: Eating an iodine-rich diet is very important for the body, but many people suffer from iodine deficiency. Let’s find out which foods are rich in iodine. Iodine-rich diet: Today, many people are suffering from iodine deficiency. If this condition is not corrected on time, the risk of brain damage can increase. Not only this, it can also affect the brain. These results cannot be corrected either. Iodine is responsible for the production of thyroid hormones. Deficiency of this hormone in adults can cause problems like mental fog and impaired thinking. Just eating the right foods can help you compensate for iodine deficiency. So, let’s find out what foods can compensate for iodine deficiency.

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Food sources of iodine

Sea weed

According to StyleCrease, one gram of seaweed contains about 16 to 2984 mcg of iodine. Seaweed is one of the best foods to increase iodine status in the body.



Milk contains not only calcium but also iodine. One cup of milk contains about 56 mcg of iodine. The amount of iodine in the body can also be increased by consuming milk. Breast milk also contains iodine, which is very important for a child’s brain development.


Iodized salt

1.5 grams of iodized salt contains 71 mcg of iodine. Since salt contains iodine, it should be included in sufficient quantity in the diet.

iodized salt

Sea food

Three grams of sea food contains 35 mcg of iodine. Sea food is high in iodine, but it should be consumed along with the shell, as its shell is also rich in iodine.



One cup of cooked macaroni contains 27 mcg of iodine, which is enough for the body’s daily needs.



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