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iPhone 14: When will the phone be launched? Buy now

The iPhone 14 is one of the most anticipated phones in the market, and many leaks have come out regarding its specifications and price. Reports suggest that high-end iPhones will be made in India and shipped from there for the first time, and the Always On Display feature may be available with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The new series may also feature a larger camera module and may be launched late. Get all the latest updates on the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14: Apple has always had a lot of curiosity in the smartphone market about new phones. Such eagerness can also be seen regarding the launch of iPhone 14. Although Apple has not made any announcement regarding the launch of its new iPhone-14 till now, many reports are coming out about the launch of this series. In these leaks, information from the specification of iPhone-14 to its price has been disclosed. Let us know all the major updates of iPhone 14 so far.

iPhone 14

Apple’s High-end iPhones to be Made in India for the First Time

The biggest news in the leaks is that now Apple’s high-end phones will be made in India and they will also be shipping from here. Although Apple hasn’t officially announced it, security analyst Ming Chi Kuo, based on its latest survey, had informed that Apple may start shipping the latest iPhone high-end phones from China as well as India. Till now, only the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 have been produced at the Foxconn plant in Chennai in India. If this claim turns out to be true, iPhone maker Foxconn will start shipping the iPhone 14 from both India and China for the first time.

Always On Display will be available in iPhone 14

It is also being speculated that the Always On Display feature could be available with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone-14 Pro Max. Also, there is also news of iPhone-14 being introduced with iOS 16, it is being said that the Always On Display feature is going to be in iOS 16 itself.

iPhone 14 India

iPhone 14 to get Bigger Camera

According to leaks, a larger camera module can be found in Apple’s new iPhone 14 series. A tipster had informed about the features of the phone that the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be launched with 48 megapixel camera sensor instead of 12 megapixels. If this happens, then this is going to be a big change from Apple.

Price of iPhone 14

For the first time on August 4, information about the price of iPhone-14 came out. Korea tipster Landsk had given information about the price of iPhone-14, according to which the initial price of iPhone 14 is going to be $ 799 i.e. around Rs 63,395. At the same time, the price of iPhone-14 Pro can be $ 1,099 i.e. around Rs 87,191 and the top model iPhone-14 Pro Max can cost $ 1,199 i.e. around Rs 95,131. It was also reported that this time only the Pro model of the iPhone 14 will be launched with the new chipset.

Apple’s old A15 Bionic chipset will be used in other models. Earlier it was being said that the starting price of iPhone 14 will be Rs 90,000.

iPhone 14 Leaked

iPhone 14 Launch May Be Delayed

According to media reports, the new series of iPhones, iPhone-14 Max and iPhone-14 Pro Max, may be launched late. However, the delay in these iPhones is not expected to affect the release date of the other phones.

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