Is health insurance premium a waste of money – Analysis

Getting insurance gives you peace of mind. At least, that’s to be expected.
However, is it absolutely necessary?
It is important to understand that the specific type of insurance is a waste of money, and something like taking out more insurance.
Identifying which insurance products are a waste of your money can allow you to save money in the long run.
When you want to save money, the method is straightforward: you evaluate your expenses, decide what you can do without it, and make the necessary adjustments. The same is true of insurance.
You should pay close attention to how much you are paying on insurance. Many people spend thousands of rupees every year buying insurance which they either do not need or it provides inadequate protection. This may also apply to you. Keep reading to learn about the six insurance plans that cost them nothing.

What is Insurance?
Insurance is a type of protection that provides compensation in the event of loss, damage, illness or death. You pay a premium to the insurance company and in return, the insurance company guarantees to refund your money in case of an unforeseen calamity.
There are many types of insurance, from health insurance to auto insurance to dental insurance and much more. As a result of insurance, knowing that you are protected in the event of an accident can give you more peace of mind – however, in other situations, you may not even need some form of insurance.

Why do people think health insurance is a waste of money?
Purchasing health insurance premiums seems to be a ‘waste of money’ to many.
What does it mean to pay long term insurance premium payment if nothing happens? On the other hand, our grandparents have never had health insurance and are in good health.
What does it mean to pay for something if there is no real risk? They are here to make money, to deceive clients with attractive marketing materials, and to reject promises at the end of the day.
Premiums can be saved every year and if hospitalization occurs after 10 years, the money can be used to cover expenses.

Health Insurance
Health Insurance

Beneficial mindset
In most cases, individuals have an attitude of profit in the transaction, in which they expect immediate satisfaction in return for their investment.
Like you go to the cinema and pay to see a movie. You get what you pay for. The TV you order from Amazon is delivered directly to your door! What do you get in return for your health insurance deduction?
The company that promises. The only guarantee that your medical expenses will be covered in the future, only if it arises? It is difficult for these people to see the benefits in terms of future potential and potential consequences. It all comes down to having a short-term perspective and not being able to see the big picture.
Investors who buy health insurance premiums also allow the policy to expire because they are fed up with wasting their money!

How can some people be convinced that “nothing will happen to me”? They may not be able to express it, but many people feel that they are less likely to experience negative consequences. All of this has already happened in the case of others.
A person who dies in an accident or is diagnosed with cancer has an assurance like “nothing will happen to me” 5 minutes before the disaster strikes. Everyone is like that. Because “we’re cautious,” I believe, believing that nothing will happen to me or my family is a lack of maturity and a bit of nonsense.
If you are careful, you are less likely to get into any mishap. That’s all; That’s not the problem. Don’t get stuck in your own little universe.

Fear of wastage
In the event that nothing happens to you, it is foolish to assume that your insurance payments are a waste of money. In a situation where you don’t get caught while wearing a mask, does it feel like a waste of your time?
So, if you didn’t have an accident, was the helmet a complete waste of money? Did you appreciate the sense of security that he provided, as well as the purity that was created in you? Perhaps the most frustrating aspect is that your health insurance is a complete waste of time and money.

Is health insurance premium a waste of money
Is health insurance premium a waste of money

Risk Analysis
There are different kinds of dangers in every aspect of life. Taking risks, minimizing risks, or moving risks are all viable options! One of the key concepts in the world of health insurance is to transfer the risk of very large medical expenses to insurance companies in exchange for annual premiums.
If someone refuses to pay the premium, it means that they are accepting the possibility that one day they will be forced to pay a large amount for medical reasons.
It is possible to accumulate such a large amount that it completely erases your years of hard work. In other cases, you may have an illness that requires frequent or regular hospitalization, which can be very costly for your financial well-being and can lead to financial ruin. It is up to you to decide whether you want to take these important risks or pay them to the insurance company.

Why should you take health insurance?
In the event of a medical emergency, the health insurance plan provides substantial financial assistance.
Expenses associated with serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, etc. can worsen a person’s financial situation.
A health insurance plan can give you substantial financial protection that can cover the cost of treatment in India and abroad. Includes instant payments for increased financial flexibility, as well as hospitalization fees, diagnostic costs, ambulance and medication costs.
Another important reason is inflation.
Knowing that India’s healthcare inflation was 8.4% in the 2020-21 financial year, it may come as a shock.
Savings instruments do not provide adequate protection when inflation is added to the rising cost of healthcare. Health insurance is a valuable resource that can help you cover future medical expenses. Health insurance covers a wide range of charges, from the cost of equipment to the cost of treatment, medication and diagnosis.

It can be very difficult to fight a serious illness regardless of how much money you have saved. You have to spend what you have done for your whole life.
A person with a fixed salary may find it difficult to pay for therapy, equipment, and medication. Health insurance can give you the peace of mind you need to deal with these bills and relieve you of some of the responsibilities that you have to bear.
Considering the many benefits of health insurance, it should be considered an essential component of one’s financial portfolio. There are many types of health insurance policies available to choose from. You need to choose the one that meets your needs.


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