Mobile Blast: Mobile exploded in the hands of the young man, accident happened while removing the battery

Mobile Blast: In Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh, there is news of mobile explosion in the hands of a youth. In a viral video, it is being claimed that the mobile phone has been torn in the hands of a young man in a mobile phone shop. Actually this case is being told of village Kanaki adjoining Balaghat city. The people present there are shocked after this accident. It is fortunate that no one was injured in the accident.

Mobile Blast in the hands of the young manBefore this the phone was torn in the pocket 

Let us inform that even before this there have been reports of mobile explosions. Earlier, there was news of a phone exploding in the pocket of a young man from Faridabad, in which the youth’s leg was burnt. After which the young man was admitted to the Government Hospital in Ballabhgarh for treatment. Such accidents are mostly due to the defective Lithium Ion battery or due to overheating.

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Mobile Blast Phone caught fire with a loud explosion

Mobile exploded in the hands of the young man

According to the claim, there is a mobile repair shop of a young man named Bunty Lilhare in village Kanaki of Balaghat. At the time of the accident, Bunty was holding the customer’s phone in his hand, during which the phone caught fire with a loud bang. Thankfully, Bunty threw the phone away as soon as it caught fire, which saved the other people standing there from getting caught in the accident.

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