Netflix launched Ads Plan for these 12 countries only, they can use a Free

Netflix launched Ads Plan: Netflix has finally launched its ad plan. Netflix’s ad plan is currently introduced in 12 countries, although India is not included in it. These 12 countries include countries like Brazil, Australia, Canada, Germany, America, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Canadian users of Netflix will be available from November 1 and users of America from November 3. The starting price of Netflix’s advertising plan is $ 6.99, or about Rs 575.

Now No Need to Buy Netflix Plan

Now No Need to Buy Netflix Plan

With Netflix’s $6.99 plan, videos will be available to watch in 720 pixels ie HD. Under this plan, users will get to see five ads in one hour of video show. Advertisement duration will be 15-30 seconds, although the first show or first film will be ad-free.

Microsoft and Netflix launched Ads Plan

Netflix has partnered with Microsoft for the plan with ads. Microsoft has now become the Global Advertising Technology and Sales Partner of Netflix. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella himself gave information about this by tweeting.

Netflix has selected Microsoft as its advertising technology and sales partner

What is in Netflix launched Ads Plan?

With the ad plan, users will get to watch award winning shows. All advertisements appearing on Netflix will be from Microsoft and will be exclusive. Along with the advertisement, the privacy of the users will also be taken care of, although there is no information regarding the cost of the new plan.

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