Netflix Prices: Reduced for its Plans in 116 countries

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Netflix Prices: Netflix has announced that it will be lowering its subscription prices in 116 countries worldwide. The decision comes after a successful run of cheaper plans in India, where the company experienced a 30% increase in engagement and 24% growth in revenue after introducing cheaper plans in 2021.

New Netflix India Prices

netflix year subscription india price

This is the first time Netflix has lowered its prices in the Indian market by 20-60%. In a statement, the company said, “We’ve seen more growth in our subscriber base than we expected after our ad-supported plan, and we’ve seen very little switching between our standard and premium plans.”

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The list of countries where the plans have been made cheaper has not been released yet.

In the first quarter of 2023, Netflix gained around 1.7 million new subscribers, thanks to the closing of password sharing and the benefit of the ad-supported subscription model. The company earned approximately $2.88 per share or about $236 million from January to March 2023.

Overall, this move is expected to attract more customers and boost the company’s revenue in the long run.

Here is the New Netflix Prices India

netflix india new price , Netflix Prices
netflix india subscription cost

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