Now Prepaid Smart Meter for Electricity by MSEDCL in Maharashtra

MSEDCL: (Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited) Do you pay your bills regularly? Don’t worry if the answer is yes. Because the information has been received from the sources of Mahavitaran that customers who do not pay their bills regularly will be given “smart meter” on priority. Although the officials of Mahavitran are not talking clearly about this, smart meters with pre-paid and post-paid will be installed by December 2023. Along with the electricity bill, now the burden of smart meter is likely to fall on the consumers.

New Perpaid Smart Meter for Electricity by MSEDCL

Prepaid Smart Meter for Electricity by MSEDCL Soon

Emphasis is being laid on smartening the power distribution system in the state Maharashtra. Mahavitran will install ‘smart electricity meters’ for 1 crore 66 lakh customers in the revised distribution area scheme of Rs 39,602 crore. It has been recently approved by the state of Maharashtra Government. Where distribution loss is more than 15 per cent. Smart meters will be installed first in that city. Will they replace old meters with smart meters when they are in good condition? Consumers are confused about this and at present smart meter will be expensive compared to meter. The question has arisen that who should pay for it.

Implementation in Nagpur

Nagpur district has 11 lakh domestic customers. Whereas commercial is 1 lakh and industrial 20 thousand customers. The meters will be implemented in the metros of Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad and Nagpur in the initial phase. Therefore, as soon as the purchase is made from Mahavitaran, the smart meter will also be available in Nagpur in the first phase.

Smart Meter for Electricity by MSEDCLBenefits of Smart Meters for Electricity by MSEDCL

  • A smart meter can be recharged like a mobile phone.
  • Customers will be able to control the power consumption.
  • The meter will be available in Post-paid and Prepaid mode.
  • The electricity can be used only according to the amount of money deposited in the pre-paid account.
  • The data history of the electricity used is available in a single click.
  • The bill will come according to the consumption of electricity, electricity theft will be stopped.
  • There will be no need for Mahavitran to send staff for meter reading.
  • The electricity can be used only according to the amount of money deposited in the pre-paid account.
  • In case of alteration in the meter, it will be immediately notified to the headquarters or Mahavitaran Office.

Electricity by MSEDCL

If the recharge is over, the Electricity turns off by MSEDCL

  • If the recharge ends suddenly in the middle of the night, the customers suffer in the heat
  • Post-paid like mobile companies are likely to get higher bills
  • Customers will know how useful the meter is after using it
  • There will be fear among the customers regarding the expiry of the recharge
  • A smart meter will be expensive
  • Recharge problem for illiterate including farmers in rural areas

Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde announced on Thursday that his government will install prepaid smart electricity meters, which will benefit 1.66 crore electricity consumers in the state.

The Maharashtra Cabinet on Wednesday approved a proposal to install prepaid smart meters for electricity consumers and strengthen the power distribution system.

“Prepaid smart electricity meters will be installed in the state, which will benefit around 1.66 crore consumers,” Shinde said in his virtual speech during the ‘Ujjwal Bharat Ujjwal Bhavishi – Power 2047’ event organized by Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) at Shahapur in Thane district.

He said that these meters will be installed on the power transformer.

A prepaid system of metering reduces inefficiencies in collection, while the smart feature in prepaid smart metering enables near-real-time identification of pockets of loss, while also giving consumers the freedom to plan their power consumption according to their own needs and resources.

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