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NPS: Women will get Rs 45,000 per month, know how?

National Pension Scheme for Women: Government keeps innovating schemes keeping in mind the interest and future of the people of the country. One such scheme which is made by the government keeping people’s future and old age in mind is called National Pension Scheme. Through this scheme, you will be able to benefit from some money every month in old age. You will be given some amount as pension every month by the government. In this scheme, the government will give you 45 thousand rupees.

National Pension Scheme Information

National Pension Scheme

You have to open an account under this scheme to join and take full advantage of it. You can open this account in your wife’s name, in which you can invest and secure her future. When your wife completes 60 years, she will get Rs 45 thousand per month or the entire amount as a lump sum from the government.

National Pension Scheme for women
National Pension Scheme for women

What is the Process of National Pension Scheme

You can invest annually or monthly as per your wish in the account opened under National Pension Scheme (NPS). In this scheme you can open your wife’s account for just Rs 1000 and after investing in it the scheme will mature as soon as your wife completes 60 years of age. After this, your wife can get fixed pension benefit every month. You can extend this plan for another 5 years if you wish. Once you invest in Dav Yojana, you and your wife’s future will be secured and you will not need to depend on anyone financially in old age.


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