Ola Electric’s problems did not go away, sales fell, another senior official resigned

Ola Electric: Demand for Ola-Electric Two Wheeler (OLA EV) has fallen sharply in the last two months. OLA vehicle registration numbers are falling sharply month-on-month. In it, a senior executive of the company resigned.

Ola will Launch its New Scooter on August 15

The problems facing Ola-Electric do not go unnoticed. On the one hand, the company is suffering from declining demand for OLA. In addition, another senior official has said goodbye to the company. Demand for Ola-Electric Two-Wheeler (OLA EV) has been hit hard in the last two months. Ola-Electric’s vehicle registration numbers have dropped sharply over the month. Also several incidents of fire are said to have frightened consumers to buy this scooters. This is a big blow to the company.

Charging Network Head left the company Ola Electric

Yashwant Kumar, the charging network head of Bhavish Agarwal-led Ola-Electric, has resigned. More than 30 Ola-Electric executives have resigned in the last two years. Yashwant Kumar joined Ola-Electric a year ago. Yashwant is the 32nd officer to leave Wet Electric in the last two years. Recently, Ola has made a big announcement to enter the electric four wheeler segment.

Ola Electric’s sales jumped from first to fourth place

Ola Electric lost its top spot in the two-wheeler segment in May due to a sharp drop in registrations.In June, OLA-Electric slipped from second to fourth place. Ampere Vehicles and Hero Electric are ranked second and third, respectively. In the last few months, there have been several serious incidents of fire on OLA scooters.


Ola Electric is going to launch four wheelers

OLA Electric’s two-wheeler registration numbers have dropped at a time when they have stepped up efforts to launch their electric four-wheeler. In June, the startup showcased its futuristic electric car design at a consumer event at the OLA Future Factory in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu. The company plans to launch the four-wheeler by the end of 2023.

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