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Ola will Launch its New Scooter on August 15, Company released Teaser, Buy Now with Exciting Offers

Indian ride-hailing giant Ola has announced the launch of a new electric scooter, set to hit the market on August 15, 2022. The company has released a teaser for the "greenest EV" it has ever made, but has not yet disclosed any further details about the e-scooter. It is expected that the new model will be less powerful than the Ola S1 Pro, and may come with a smaller battery pack and fewer features to keep the price affordable.

Ola: Finally, Ola has lifted the curtain from its suspense. Let us tell you that in recent times it was being expected that company is going to launch electric scooter on 15th August or electric car but now all the confusion has been cleared that company will launch a brand-new Electric scooter market on 15th August 2022. In fact, this information has been given by the teaser released by OLA Electric on its social media platform. In which a new e-scooter teaser has been released.

Ola S1 Vs S1 Pro

Ola Company released Teaser

However, OLA has not given any clear information about the e-scooter so far. Releasing only one teaser, the Company has claimed that this electric scooter is the “greenest EV” ever. At the same time, it is being expected that the Company may introduce a new electric scooter in the market which will be located below the S1 Pro. Let us tell you that this new e-scooter can be available with a less powerful electric motor and smaller battery pack. And apart from this, Company may also remove some features from it to get a good price for it.

New Ola E-Scooter Features

Let us tell you that the new e-scooter of Ola is also expected to come with a strong battery pack as well as updated software. Now if we talk about the features, it will include features like Proximity Unlock, Hyper Charging, Moods, Gen V2, Calling and Key Sharing. However, no information has been revealed about its battery yet.

Ola FutureFactory In India

Ola S1 Pro with other Models

Ola S1 Pro comes with a battery pack of 3.97 kWh. In which it is claimed that it offers a maximum range of 181 km. And its battery powers an electric motor which is capable of producing 11 bhp and 58Nm of torque. Also, it claims to catch a speed of 0-60Km/Hour in the first 5 seconds of the speed of 115Km/Hour. Along with this, single-sided suspension and disc brakes have been provided in it. Which runs on the 110/70-R12 MRF front and rear tyres. There are other features like TFT display, cruise control, a reserve mode, proximity unlock, hill hold function and voice assistant function.

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