Online Frauds: Hackers HACK Your Bank Account to 0! Remove these apps Now

Online Frauds: Nowadays people keep money in their bank account to save. The trend of mobile banking and e-commerce has increased rapidly since the advent of smartphones. Now everything is saved in smartphone. If you want to do any transaction, it is easily done by phone.

Hackers HACK Your Bank Account

Hackers can take advantage of this thing. There are some such apps in Google Play that can clean your account. Regarding these apps, it has been said that they can empty the bank account of the users. You can avoid hackers by removing these apps. Let’s know what those apps are.

How can I avoid Online Frauds?

You need to immediately delete 5 such dangerous Android apps which are dangerous for your bank account. Recover Audio Images & Videos, Zetter Authentication, File Manager Small Lite, Codice Fiscale 2022 and My Finances Tracker apps come under the category of extremely dangerous apps. These apps will not only steal your data but will also empty your bank account with the help of them.

How the Hackers make Online Frauds?

How the Hackers make Online Frauds

Scammers target people through mobile apps as well. Due to this one of your mistake your bank account can be empty. Even after many security checks, scammers make malware or virus apps available on the Google Play Store. These malware-laden Android apps steal login details, account numbers and other financial details of the users.

Change password for safety to avoid Online Frauds

If you also have installed these Android Apps, then delete them from your phone immediately. Apart from this, change all banking passwords and PINs for security. Avoid downloading any third party app

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