Post Office Scheme: You will get Rs 16 Lakh with guarantee of Government, Check Now

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Post Office Scheme - You will get Rs 16 Lakh with guarantee of Government

Post Office Scheme: We know Post Office all Scheme is considered to be the safest schemes. The returns in this scheme mutual fund are good but the risk factor is also the same. But many are afraid to take risks. In this condition, you can invest in such a place where your money is secure and without any risk you can get better returns.

If you also want this type of investment, then where you can earn a strong profit, then this post office scheme can give better options for you. If you have taken this scheme, then you can make profit of lakhs from it.

Post Office Scheme

Let us tell you that in this scheme of the post office, you can start with an investment of Rs 100, which is completely secure. You can invest maximum amount in this scheme. No limit has been fixed of any kind. You can invest 1 year, 2 years or more in this scheme of the government according to your convenience. In this, the investor gets interest quarterly.

Loan can also be taken by Post Office Scheme

Let us tell you that this small scheme can be opened by any person of 18 years of age or more. The parents can take the scheme for their minor child. In this you have been given the facility to take loan.

This way you will get Rs 16 lakh - Post Office Scheme

To get the loan, you have to approach the branch of the post office. Which you can pay in 12 installments. In this, you can take 50 percent of the money deposited in your account as a loan.

This way you will get Rs 16 lakh: Post Office Scheme

You can invest 10 thousand rupees every month in this of Post Office Scheme, then after 10 years you get 16 lakh rupees. Suppose you invest Rs 10,000 in this scheme every month, then you accumulate Rs 1.2 lakh in a year.

Similarly, if you invest in it for 10 years, then you will get Rs 12 lakh, after which you will get Rs 4,26,476 after the maturity of the scheme. Thus you would have a lump sum amount of Rs 16,26,476. In this way you will be able to deposit lakhs of rupees by making a small investment in this post office scheme.

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