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Ohh! Pre-booking of iPhone 14 starts before launch, see the price and what’s special

Pre-booking of iPhone 14: The upcoming Apple iPhone 14 series has been under discussion since last few days. The company is expected to launch the iPhone 14 in September. But, the price and features of the phone are coming out even before the launch. Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 14 mini, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be launched in the series.

Pre-booking of iPhone 14

Pre-booking of iPhone 14

There is still time for the official launch of this phone, but pre-orders have already started. Custom iPhone maker Caviar Global has started pre-booking the iPhone 14 series. Caviar Global is a popular custom iPhone maker. The company introduces a new iPhone with a high-end custom design. Booking has started. Also, the company has said that it will give the phone to the customers who pre-book first.

The Price of Pre-booking of iPhone 14 in India

If you are thinking of pre-booking a customized iPhone 14 before launch, also know the price. Caviar manufactures premium devices. The customized iPhone 14 series champagne rose version costs 9,520 USD (approximately Rs. 7,55,420), while the gold champagne crystal variant costs 24,950 USD (approximately Rs. 19,79,530). However, note that the company uses 18 carat gold, golden stingray leather, titanium and diamonds to make the device.

Pre-booking of iPhone 14 starts before launch
Pre-booking of iPhone 14 starts before launch

Only 99 iPhones units will be made

The device will also have a caviar crown logo made using proper process of jewellery resin. The price of the device will vary depending on the model. Also, you know that the price will increase according to the storage. If you are thinking of pre-booking the upcoming iPhone 14, just note that the company will only produce 99 units of customized devices.

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