Silver Work used in sweets non-vegetarian or vegetarian? Know the behind-the-scenes truth

Most of us have probably eaten sweets made of ‘silver’. Many people even like to eat sweets made of silver. In fact it enhances the beauty of silver sweets. Sweets are brought to your house during puja or a religious function. However, there is a perception that this silver sweet is not vegetarian, so it should not be used in worship. Which is why many people are confused, is it vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Let us know the process of making this silver paper to know the answer.

How are these made?
Silver paper is actually a very thin sheet of silver, which at first glance looks like aluminium, but if you look closely, you will know that it is silver. Expert craftsmen work on the silver foil to make it slim and edible.

‘Silver Work’ is actually a sheet of silver that is smashed against non-bioactive pieces to form a sheet that flies with even a single blower. It is so thin that it breaks at the mere touch. However, some people add cadmium, nickel, aluminium and lead to it, which makes them even more harmful to health.

What is non-vegetarian ‘silver work’?

Many people believe that silver is non-vegetarian, so they avoid eating sweets covered with silver foil in markets, festivals and weddings. This is because some videos often go viral on social media, claiming that ‘silver works’ are made by putting them in animal skins.

Silver Work used in sweets non-vegetarian or vegetarian Know the behind-the-scenes truth
Silver Work used in sweets non-vegetarian or vegetarian Know the behind-the-scenes truth

But also note that the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has now banned the use of animals for making such silver leaves. But still in some areas animal skins are still used to make silver sheets. For that, watch this viral video.

You must have noticed everything by watching this video. Now if you suspect vegetarian-non-vegetarian or adulteration in it, take a ‘silver sheet’ and set it on fire, it smells like metal, it is real, but if it smells of fat, then understand that the sheet is not vegetarian.


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