Subsidy for Sugarcane Harvesters of 35 Lakh in Maharashtra, Good News for Farmers Hurry and Apply Now

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Subsidy for sugarcane harvesters 35 Lakh

Subsidy for Sugarcane Harvesters: Namaste to all Farmers! In this blog, we will be sharing information about a Maharashtra Government Scheme for Subsidy on Sugarcane Harvesters up to Rs. 35 Lakh. If you are a sugarcane farmer in Maharashtra and are looking to purchase a harvester, this subsidy can be of great help to you. So, let’s dive into the details of how to take advantage of this subsidy and make the most of it.

Buy an Sugarcane Harvesters on Subsidy

The Maharashtra Government is offering a subsidy to sugarcane harvesters as part of their efforts to promote modern agriculture practices and mechanization in the farming sector. This initiative aims to encourage farmers to adopt modern technologies, increase productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately enhance their income.

How to get Subsidy for Sugarcane Harvesters of 35 Lakh in Maharashtra – ऊस तोडणी यंत्र सबसीडी योजना

In this Scheme Farmers, Co-operatives, Farmer Producer Company (FPOs), Sugar Factories, etc. can apply Online on the MahaDBT Farmer Portal.

Apply Here Online for Sugarcane Harvesters Subsidy

What are Benefits Subsidy for Sugarcane Harvesters

Sugarcane harvesters are a highly valuable investment for farmers as they provide significant benefits in terms of efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability. These machines are especially beneficial for small farmers who have limited resources and cannot afford to hire labor for harvesting their crops.

With sugarcane harvesters, farmers can significantly reduce the time and labor required to harvest their sugarcane crops. This results in a higher yield in a shorter amount of time, which translates to increased profits for farmers. The machines also enable farmers to harvest their crops at the optimal time, which leads to better quality sugarcane.

One of the significant advantages of using sugarcane harvesters is that they reduce labor costs, which is one of the most significant expenses for farmers. By investing in a sugarcane harvester, farmers can save on labor costs and allocate these resources towards other areas of their farm, such as irrigation or fertilizer, resulting in long-term growth and sustainability.

Subsidy for sugarcane harvesters 35 Lakh

Documents required to Buy Subsidy for Sugarcane Harvesters

  • 7/12 Utara – Land Records 7/12
  • 8a Utara – Land Records 8a
  • Aadhaar Card for Farmer
  • Aadhaar Linked Bank Passbook for Farmer

For Societies

  • Certificate of Registration in case of Co-operative and Private Sugar Factories Agricultural Co-operative Societies Agricultural Producers Societies
  • Bank passbook copy of the name of the organization should be uploaded along with the photo

Scrutiny of Application for subsidy of Sugarcane Harvesters Application

The selection process for the subsidy on sugarcane harvesters in Maharashtra is done through a Computerized Raiser Lottery system, which ensures transparency and fairness in the selection process. This system selects farmers or organizations randomly, and once selected, they are informed through SMS about their selection.

After receiving the message, the selected farmers or organizations must upload the required documents within seven days to claim the subsidy. This step ensures that only eligible and deserving candidates receive the subsidy and prevents any delays in the distribution process.

The use of technology in the selection process and the timely communication through SMS helps to streamline the process and ensures that the subsidy reaches the intended beneficiaries efficiently. This initiative by the government of Maharashtra aims to support the farmers and promote the adoption of modern technology in agriculture.

The Subsidy for Sugarcane Harvesters will cover upto 40% of the cost of the sugarcane harvester, up to a maximum of 35 lakh ruppes. The remaining amount must be paid by the farmer, either through a loan or through their savings. However, even with this cost-sharing model, the subsidy is a significant boost for farmers who otherwise might not have been able to afford a harvester.

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What is the price of Shaktiman sugarcane harvester in Maharashtra?

up to ₹1-1.30 crore