TikTok BGMI Ban: Will Tik Tok and BGMI return in India? The CEO of the company made a big Statement

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TikTok BGMI Ban Will Tik Tok and BGMI return in India

TikTok BGMI Ban: The Government of India had banned many Chinese mobile applications due to Data Leak & Securities. This also included the online game PUBG. At the same time, it was later renamed and launched again as BGMI, but BGMI has recently been banned again in India. This app has been removed from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Apart from this, TikTok had already been banned. At the same time, now there is a big news about both of them.

What’s in news TikTok BGMI Ban ?

Indeed, PUBG Mobile was one of the most popular mobile games in India and TikTok was also included in this list. TikTok was also named in the list of apps to be banned in the year 2020, but now there are reports of the return of both of them and their CEO has made a big statement about the return.


Will TikTok return?

Significantly, a few months ago, TikTok’s parent company Byetdance is in talks with a Mumbai-based company to return to India. This company’s name is Skyesports. Shiv Nandi, the CEO of this Indian company, confirmed the return of Tiktok to India and told that TikTok is preparing to return to India.


BGMI will also return?

It is believed that if Tiktok makes a comeback in the country, then it is certain that once again BGMI can also make a comeback. Nandi made this statement in his Instagram story. On the BGMI Ban, Nandi said that this decision has not been taken suddenly. The government was contemplating on the ban for the last 5 months.

On the action taken regarding BGMI, Shiv Nandi said, “This is not a sudden action. It was all in process for the last 5 months, but a week before it was removed from the Play Store, the government sent a notice to Krafton HQ. We got a hint two days before Ko was removed from the store.”

Good News for Gamers

TikTok BGMI Ban: Good News for Gamers!

According to the CEO of Skyesports, BGMI will also make a comeback in India soon. Nandi says that the BGMI has not been banned but an interim order. Although Krafton has not given any information in this matter so far. In such a situation, for those who are waiting for their return after the disappearance of this game, this news given by Nandi can be of use.

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