Want a VIP Number? This Company is Giving it at Absolute Free, Check Now

VIP Number: Every telecom company has some fancy numbers or say VIP numbers and we all know very well that companies sell such numbers for a good price. But if you also feel that you should also buy a VIP number but then think who spends so much money, then now your tension has been ended by Vodafone Idea aka Vi. Let us tell you that Vodafone Idea or say Vi is giving VIP numbers to its users for free.

VIP Numbers

What is so special in VIP Numbers?

For the information of you people, let us tell you that these numbers are also special because these numbers are placed in sequence in such a way that it is easy to remember them. Explain that Vodafone Idea is giving VIP and fancy numbers to both its prepaid and postpaid users. Let us inform you about how you can apply for it.

VIP Numbers Vodafone Idea

How to Buy VIP Numbers?

If you also want fancy or VIP number, then for this you have to go to the official site of Vodafone Idea and then in the new connection coming up, you will see an option of fancy number, as soon as you click on this option A new page will be open. On this new page you will be asked which connection do you want to have a fancy number with prepaid or postpaid.

You will have to enter the PIN code along with your mobile number, after this you will see a list of numbers from the side of Vi, select the number of your choice from it. You can choose between pre and premium numbers, let us tell you that for premium numbers, you will have to pay Rs 500. If you want to spend money then you can choose premium number otherwise after selecting free number enter your address and sim will be delivered to your home after making the bus payment.

Visit Vodafone Idea website – Vodafone Idea


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