Vodafone Idea did 5G test in Bhopal, get 1GBPS Speed, Know in your Area

5G test: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is continuously 5G test network in Bhopal. Just a few days ago, TRAI had conducted a trial of 5G on Jio’s network and now Vodafone Idea (Vi) has trialed 5G with TRAI. Vodafone Idea’s network has achieved 1 Gbps speed during the trial. Bhopal is the first city in the country where TRAI is conducting 5G testing.

5G test by Vodafone Idea did in Bhopal

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TRAI is conducting 5G trials in Bhopal for traffic signal poles, street light poles, smart poles, direction boards, hoardings, foot over bridges and city bus shelters. Earlier, Vodafone Idea had done similar 5G testing in Pune as well. Vi has demonstrated 5G download speed of 1 Gbps on mobile handsets at four locations New Market, Jyoti Square, Prabhat Petrol Pump and Inter State Bus Terminus in Bhopal.

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TRAI did 5G test in other Parts of India

TRAI has also conducted 5G small cell testing for TSP at Namma Metro station in Bengaluru. TRAI has also tested 5G at Kandla Port in Gujarat and GMR International Airport. Kandla Port is the first port in India and GMR International Airport is the first airport in the country where 5G has been tested. However, TRAI has not made any disclosure about the results of these tests till now.


Earlier, Vi announced that it had demonstrated a range of 5G-based technology solutions as part of its 5G trials on government-allocated testing spectrum in Pune and Gandhinagar. As part of the same pilot project, Jio had also tested 5G internet at MG Road Metro station, offering download speeds of 1.4Gbps and upload speeds of 65Mbps.

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