10 Amazing Health Benefits of Onion



Onion used in daily vegetables or other food.  Its important ingredient for our health benefit. Some people compulsively eat raw onion with their meals.

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There are many types of onion, but red onion and white onion are used more in our country, so there are two types of onion today, yellow onion and green onion.

1) Red Onion 2) White Onion

1) Red Onion

There are certain qualities found in onion varieties which are less in other onions. Red onion is the most commonly used, red onion is the most pungent variety

Benefits of Red Onion for Health

-The most important benefit of red onion is that eating onion every day does not cause heart disease. -Red Onion If the hair is falling,  -Onion juice also helps in getting black hair. -Daily consumption of red onion keeps blood pressure under control.

2) White Onion

White onion not only enhances the taste of food, but is also beneficial for the health of the body. Onions contain nutrients that help prevent many diseases. Eating it beneficial for health, especially in summer.

Benefits of White Onion for Health

-Increases immunity : White onions contain selenium. Consuming white onion increases immunity. -White onion improves the digestive system, white onion contains fiber and prebiotics. -It helps to keep the stomach healthy. Useful for hair. -Provides relief from joint pain

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