Know Why Vodafone idea latest news -  share price up by 20%

Vodafone-Idea's shares shot up by 20% on the last business day of 2023.

vodafone idea share price

Big deals involving Vodafone Idea shares pushed prices to a 52-week high of Rs 15.90.

Vodafone idea News

A major trade involving 16.05 crore shares valued at 233 crores caused the surge, hitting a circuit breaker.

Big Deal in Vodafone idea Shares

Vodafone-Idea is working to secure funds before December, negotiating with banks, and discussing 5G tech rollout while tackling debt.

 Vodafone idea Debt

Recent payments to the Department of Telecommunications and talks about promoter investments boosted investor confidence.

Positive Investor Vibe

Shares doubled in a month, rose by 113% in six months, and grew by 101% annually, making 2023 the best year for the stock since 2007.

Financial Growth

Promoters announced a Rs 2,000 crore investment, boosting share prices. Vodafone idea 5g segment

Promoters' Pledge