Communities vs Groups: What is the difference between WhatsApp Communities vs Groups, know what WhatsApp talk? Check now

Communities vs Groups: Meta-owned WhatsApp has recently rolled out the Community feature on its platform. Polls can be done through WhatsApp community feature and apart from one tap video calling, 32 people will be able to join a group in video calling simultaneously. The biggest advantage of this feature is that you will be able to keep all the groups within one community.

Communities vs Groups whatsapp

Within the community, up to a maximum of 20 groups can be included in the same community simultaneously. Let us tell you that the communities were first tested by the company in April and now it is being rolled out for everyone.

How is Community Feature Different? Communities vs Groups

According to the report, the WhatsApp Community feature has been brought to organize same type of group. With its help, many neighborhood WhatsApp groups and office groups can be kept in different community features. That is, a community office can be created, which will have all the groups related to the office.

Whereas a community can include neighbors and other similar groups. WhatsApp believes that this makes it easier to manage a lot of groups.

If you understand the WhatsApp community feature in simple words, then it is a group of groups, in which many groups can be kept inside the same community. At the same time, with one tap video calling, 32 people can also be included in the group call simultaneously.

Whatsapp explained the difference between the Communities vs Groups

But soon after the new feature was launched, users compared the new community feature to Groups and questioned its need. To answer the questions, WhatsApp shared a video on Twitter on Thursday with the caption, “The difference between communities and groups explained.”

Whatsapp explained the difference between the Communities vs Groups

According to WhatsApp, WhatsApp Groups allows users to all join in a single conversation and connect with family and friends, while the Community feature connects to schools, neighborhoods, camps, etc. Helps in bringing you on and keeps everyone in the loop with the announcement group.

It’s something like Slack or Discord, but with what WhatsApp spins on (including end-to-end encrypted messages). Admins in the community can share updates with the entire community via an announcement channel.

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