Why are women afraid of Breastfeeding the Baby in Front of Everyone? Learn Best 5 Surprising Tips of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding : Is breastfeeding a taboo in India a matter of shame If not, then why do most of the women feed their baby with milk secretly in the lap and dupatta? When science also believes that how important mother’s milk is for the child, it protects him from many diseases and increases immunity, then why is the mother afraid to do it openly. Such thinking challenges questions, fear and hesitation Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia, Amrita Rao, model Lisa Haydon, Australian Parliament, Senator Larissa Waters (Australian parliament, Senator Larissa) Waters) and powerful women in Strasbourg like MEP Licia Ronzulli.


Yes, in a male dominated country like India, where even today women are fighting with some questions and social evils, it is not common for those women to openly breastfeed the child. After all, what are such women afraid of, what are they afraid of and what can they do to make breastfeeding common, today we are making you aware of the answers to all these questions.

Why women afraid to openly Breastfeeding their baby?

As simple as this question sounds, the answer is as sharp as it is. This bitterness is not only related to society and family, but it is also related to the thinking of women. As if

Women are not comfortable with their breasts

Even if you feel strange to read, but this is the thinking of women of Indian society regarding their breast. They feel from the beginning that breast means a thing to hide, which should not be seen by anyone even by mistake. Apart from this, some women are not even comfortable about the shape and size of their breast.

What will people think when they see my breast

why would people think This question creates many big problems, which never get solved. In such a situation it is important that you stop asking this question to yourself and saying it. If you have breast and you are feeding your baby, then you should not worry about what society will think after seeing your breast.

This is what the mother has told her daughter and the society has told the women – “The child should be fed milk secretly”.

this is true. You may be surprised to know that in Indian villages, it is also said that if you give milk to a child in the open, the milk will dry up and people will be noticed. All these things are deceptive. The production of breastmilk is never dependent on one’s eyesight, but it is a biological process, which is closely related to the health of the mother, the diet and the correct way of drinking the baby’s milk.

Male Dominant Society

In India, the thinking of a male dominated society is still alive and the thinking and courage of women is not emerging from it. In such a situation, where women need to change their thinking about breastfeeding, men should be encouraged in this work with a human spirit. Men should think that this is a natural process of which they have also been a part, their mother has also raised them by drinking milk, so let the women of your society do it comfortably too.

Absence of Facilities

We hardly have feeding rooms at our airports and malls. That’s why women have trouble breastfeeding in public places. Therefore, many women quit jobs during this period, stay at home more and travel less.

Grihalakshmi breastfeeding

How women encourage themselves to Breastfeed

Breastfeeding in the family

For women, whether to hide or hesitate to breastfeed, the first thing to do is start from home. Yes, in India most of the families are joint families. In such a situation, women are afraid of feeding the child in front of the family members. In this situation the family needs to comfort the mother. In such a situation, encourage them that if they want to feed milk in front of them, then they can give it. Do not look at the woman much while doing this, keep doing your work. This will make them feel that no one is watching them and this is normal and thus they will get used to it.

Breastfeeding in front of people at office

There is a dearth of facilities in the Indian office to keep the child with you. In such a situation, breastfeeding is a little distant. But where these facilities are there, make breastfeeding common in front of everyone. First, make a feeding room in the office and then when the mother is feeding the baby, treat her as if she is doing normal work and the mangoes also keep on doing their work.

Breastfeeding while Traveling

Women are often not comfortable about breastfeeding in the journey. For this, first women wear some comfortable clothes in which they can feed the baby. Second, always go on the journey only after booking a seat for yourself and making a confirmed reservation. Before feeding the baby, first sit comfortably and do not pay much attention to people.

Breastfeeding in Malls and Airports

In crowded and crowded places, many times women do not want to have Public Breastfeeding Taboo. In such a situation, the government and the organization should first build a feeding room in their place. Secondly, without paying much attention to you people, feed the child with milk. Find a nice and quiet place in the mall to feed your baby comfortably. Even if people are looking at you, ignore them first. After seeing this, believe it on your face. By doing this two to three times, people will stop looking at you or any woman during this period.

Breastfeeding in front of Men

This is women’s biggest fear. Because women feed their baby comfortably in front of other women, but hesitate in front of men. So you have to change your own thinking. First, stop thinking about what the men in front of you might be thinking about you. Second, do not be uncomfortable with your breast and do your work comfortably. Even if a man is looking at your breast and making you uncomfortable, then refuse them in strong words. Gradually this will become normal.

breastfeeding to Baby

But most important is to motivate yourself -Just be Confident and Motivated

Whatever the world does, whether there are facilities or not. It’s important what you think. How confident are you about feeding your baby and about your breast? So, first believe in yourself, change your thinking, don’t feel ashamed of breastfeeding and motivate yourself. So, the body is yours, the breast is yours, the baby is yours, so you will decide how, when and in front of whom you want to breastfeed.

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