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Yogi government will give benefits to five lakh poor from MGNREGA, know more

If you are doing small business related to farming and animal husbandry in your village then the UP government will help you under the Individual Beneficiary Scheme of MGNREGA. In this scheme, the government will spend up to two lakh rupees to increase your turnover. The government has decided to give benefits to five lakh poor in this scheme.

There is a provision to get works up to TWO lakh rupees

For the first time after the introduction of MNREGA scheme in the state, a target of five lakh has been set for beneficiary works. Its basic objective is to provide support and assistance to the poor in increasing the small work being done by them at their village and home. This will directly increase their income. According to the information received from the Rural Development Department, 6.63 lakh beneficiary works have been done in the last five years.


These Works will be done

Beneficial works under MGNREGA include construction of pond for fish farming, sericulture, goat shed, poultry shed, construction of shed for pig farming, construction of well, drain-tube well, construction of pond and lake, Verme compost pit. Construction, flower nursery, kitchen garden, land levelling and bunding, protection wall to prevent soil erosion, land levelling, rain water harvesting tank, plantation etc. are included. A separate budget has been fixed under MNREGA for carrying out all these works. There is a model estimate for each plan. The estimate will include construction material, wages, everything.


This benefit will be given to 10 Category of Families
According to Additional Commissioner MGNREGA Yogesh Kumar and DC MNREGA VR Tripathi, there is a provision to provide benefit of beneficiary work to 10 types of families. SC and ST, families living below poverty line, women headed families, disabled headed families, PM and CM housing beneficiaries, lease holders, small and marginal farmers are the main ones.


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